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How long does it take before Djeep sends to me a visual for approval ?

It usually takes one or two days before receiving a visual for approval by email.

How long does it take before Djeep sends me a sample ?

After your approval on our visual, it usually takes 2 days for producing a sample prototype and one week for a metallic full wrap sticker. The sample will be sent to you by Fedex for your approval.

Is there a charge for samples ?

No, the sample shipment is free of charge.

Why can't I apply my decoration options to the entire sticker ?

When the full wrap sticker is wrapped around the lighter, it is important to save an area for joining both ends of the full wrap sticker. For this reason, the left side of full wrap sticker shows a part where we cannot apply decoration options.

How many options can I choose on the same lighter ?

As many as you want ! But please keep in mind that not all options fit with all designs.

Can we ask Djeep to propose which are the best options to use with our design ?

Yes, Djeep can suggest various proposals with the most appropriate decoration options.

Can we order Djeep without a full wrap sticker and use silk screen instead ?

No, every lighter comes with a full wrap sticker. Only the Metal Sleeve is decorated with digital technology.

Are there any other Djeep shapes ?

Djeep produces two shapes : the Djeep and the Djeep Jr (more information here).

How long is production time ?

It typically takes from 20 to 27 calendar days for production.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any additional information. contact us